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Free 2%
Premium 6%
V.I.P. 8%

Free 3.2%
Premium 7.2%
V.I.P. 9.2%

PriceLine - Hotels

PriceLine - Hotels

Free 5%
Premium 9%
V.I.P. 11%
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Shopping Mall Top Deals

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Free 7.8%
Premium 11.8%
V.I.P. 13.8%



Free 5.2%
Premium 9.2%
V.I.P. 11.2%

Peruvian Connection

Peruvian Connection

Free 3.2%
Premium 7.2%
V.I.P. 9.2%

Lands' End

Lands' End

Free 1.3%
Premium 5.3%
V.I.P. 7.3%

Free 5.8%
Premium 9.8%
V.I.P. 11.8%

Free 3.6%
Premium 7.6%
V.I.P. 9.6%

Body Candy

Body Candy

Free 9.8%
Premium 13.8%
V.I.P. 15.8%

Webroot Software

Webroot Software

Free 13%
Premium 17%
V.I.P. 19%

Dino Direct

Dino Direct

Free 6.5%
Premium 10.5%
V.I.P. 12.5%

How much Cashback can you earn this year?

Projected Cashback
Free1 $
Premium1 $
V.I.P.1 $

Based on your current estimated expenses and shopping preferences, you could earn up to $1 in Cashback this year by signing up for the V.I.P. Membership!

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The benefits of the free membership with even more Cashback and Entertainment

  • Regular Cashback + 4% annual Cashback
  • Estimated savings1: $0.00
  • DubLi Prepaid Debit Card
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1) This projection is hypothetical and represents calculations based on a sample membership. Actual results may vary.

* Members get a $10 bonus Cashback Special Offer for joining DubLi. Members must earn an additional $15.00 within ninety (90) days after the Special Offer issue date in order to qualify for the $10 Cashback. New members may be permitted to withdraw their $25.00 Cashback upon meeting the minimum $25.00 required Cashback requirement.